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Food dehydration is a very advantageous alternative to preserving or freezing for the long-term preservation of food. Indeed, it not only preserves all the nutritional and taste qualities of food, but it is also - of the three processes - the least energy voracious.

dehydrating fruits and vegetables has never been easier with Excalibur Dehydrators. Discover a preservation process that gives you the opportunity to preserve your food for a long time and concentrate the taste as well as the nutrients and vitamins of these.

Excalibur dewatering units ensure homogeneous, high-quality drying. Thanks to these, you will be able to preserve for a long time and in excellent conditions your food and other preparations.

You can thus enjoy a taste and essential vitamins and nutrients preserved!
Drying food with Excalibur dehydrators will be an excellent solution to enjoy all year round fruits, vegetables and other vitamin-rich preparations that are ideal as part of a healthy diet.
The dehydrator Excalibur has become in 30 years a reference in food dehydration.

It allows you to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and even entire bouquets under optimum conditions thanks to a technical design that distinguishes it's widening from its competitors.

The temperature adjusts to the degree to achieve homogeneity at less than 40 ° C, in raw quality, to preserve the vitamins.

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